[ Event ] Valentine's Event

 ■ Boss Hunt:

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
We're bringing back event bosses for the next two weeks.
As some may recall, they hit quite hard and are not effected by debuffs.

▷ Spawn location:
- Evergreen Paradise with random spawn points.

▷ Spawn Times (GMT+1) :
- Every odd hour (01:00, 03:00, 05:00, ..., 21:00, 23:00).

▷ Drops:
Following items will be distributed amongst party members of the player to last hit the boss:
- Random unique accessory
- Random box (Wing box, Cloak box, etc.)
- Random EXP boost
- Random On/Off wing
- Archondrites

■ Event monsters:
Monsters with a heart icon above their head will drop Chocolate of Friendship.

▷ Items you can obtain from Chocolate of Friendship:
- Scion Prayer Stone
- Fragment of Ashtal
- Various CC items