[ Event ] Christmas Event


Christmas is right around the corner and Alcadia is ready to celebrate with you.
We have prepared Chantra for Christmas and have created a couple of events.

Event Period:
 - December 18th, 2018 - January 8th, 2019


Christmas Quests:
 During the event period you'll be able to complete quests and earn rewards.


  • [LV 1 - 99] Christmas Suit
     - Objective:
    • Collect 100 Santa Claus Gift Box.
  •  - Reward:
    • Santa Claus Suit: Superior <14days>

How can I obtain these quests?:
 You can obtain these quests from Christmas NPC located in Tullan, Trilgard and Deribelle.

Christmas Hunt:
 During the event period you'll be able to find event monsters in Asylum, The Frozen Infinity, Teslon Outpost and Evergreen Paradise, Battleground and Chaotic Frontier which will have a Christmas Tree icon above their head. These monsters will drop Santa Claus Gift Box.

Following items can be obtained from Santa Claus Gift Box:

  • Rudolf Pet Lv 1 - 4
  • Fragment of Ashtal
  • Scion Prayer Stone
  • Talisman of Awakening 100 <2 hours>
  • Talisman of Awakening 200 <2 hours>
  • Archondrite
  • Pet Reinforcement Manual
  • Lens Stone PLUS

And more...

Free Item Giveaway:

 - Every Tuesday and Saturday from 0 - 24 (GMT +1)

Items that will be given out:
Following items will be given out each giveaway day to one random player.

  • Gold Ticket
  • Infinity Wings<Lv6>
  • Prayer Stone of Ring Spirit Lv 6
  • Cloak of Elemental Mastery Lv 6
  • Cloak of Dimension Mastery Lv 6

Following items will be given out multiple times each giveaway day to a random player

  • Fragment of Ashtal
  • Scion Prayer Stone
  • Various Prayer Stones Lv 6
  • Wing Chest
  • Cloak Chest
  • Dimension Cloak Chest
  • Ring Spirit Chest

Following items while be given out to everyone

  • Lens Stone +
  • Compound Potion
  • Premium Box-Common Sp1
  • Gate of Phantom
  • Shout of Elemental
  • Archondrite
  • Consumable Food

And more...

Alcadia wishes you a happy Christmas and a happy new year.